CS counter (for airsoft)

This product is a simulation of a bomb, and is intended for use in airsoft and painball games.

The set consists of two devices.

1. „Bomb“

2.„Jammer – detector“


Two game modes:

1.       „Cut the wire“ – players have to  disconnect the wires in a certain order, set by GM,  to disarm the bomb.

2.       „Password“ – players have to enter a password to disarm the bomb.

 In case of mistake when disconnecting the wires or typing the password, the siren is activated.

While player is disconnecting wires or entering a password, the timer doesn‘t stop. It prevents players from cheating by stretching time.

The device is well packed in a robust plastic case for safe transportation.

It is powered by two li-ion batteries, and can be charged via USB.

The life of a battery is about 10 hours, which is enough for most usage scenarios.

The device can be turned off only  by special key to prevent from unintentional shutdown.

„Jammer – detector“ – allows to detect presence of a bomb at a distance up to 100m. in open space.

(Buildings and other obstacles reduces detection range)

The jammer also stops the timer on the main device, untill the bomb stays in range.

Presence of a bomb is indicated in two ways: by ring of LEDs, and arrow voltmeter.

There is battery charge indicator on-board.

It is powered by 1400mAh li-ion battery, and can be charged via USB.

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